D an G Collectables

Antique Oil Lamp

$ 110.00

This lamp has a black cast iron base with an opaque red glass font

and brass burner with working winder.

Complete with white glass shade and clear glass chimney.

The shade has a hairline crack approximately 4cm long at the top rim (see photo)

otherwise in excellent condition. Overall height (including chimney): 61cm


Vintage English Oil Lamp

$ 80.00

The base is Cast Iron featuring a majestic Lion holding a Union Jack shield.

The font is amber glass and has a brass burner with working winder. 

Complete with clear glass chimney. In very good condition. Lamp height: 30cm  (45cm with chimney)


Vintage Mortar and Pestle

$ 45.00

Large, very heavy solid brass mortar and pestle.

The mortar measures 12cm height x 10cm diameter. 

The pestle is 17cm.  The pestle and mortar exterior is in excellent condition.

The interior has some minor dark colouring which will probably polish off.


Vintage Radford Jug

$ 30.00

Vintage ,1930's/40's, Tavern Ware jug.  By E Radford.

hand painted and Made in England, with authenticating markings on the base.

This classic Radford Tavern ware jug is approx 14cms high and

14cm diameter at its widest point.

It has a wonderfully tactile 3D moulded tavern scene surface

that has been painstakingly hand painted.

In excellent condition. No chips or cracks.  


Heavy Cast Iron Car

$ 20.00

Featuring Donald Duck driving and Pluto as passenger.

Reproduction treated to look old. 

Measures: 16cm x 6cm.


Cast Iron Plaque

$ 50.00

Relatively scarce ‘Golden Fleece’, ‘Sold Here’, ‘’Certified Lubrication wall plaque.


Size: 26.5cm x 24.5cm.


Cast Iron Plaque

$ 52.00

‘Leading Pair’.  ‘Triple Shell Oil and Golden Shell Oil’.

We believe this item to be a singularly scarce reproduction

as we have not been able to source another. Measures 29.5cm x 20cm.


Large Mortar and Pestle

$ 15.00

Stainless steel and very heavy. In very good condition.

Height: 12cm x Diameter: 13cm.   Pestle 14cm.  


Small Mortar and Pestle Kit

$ 15.00

Ceramic glazed mortar with diameter of 6.5cm and pestle 7.5cm.

Comes with 32 page booklet giving instructions on how to create your own home

concoctions using this indispensable kit.

New, in original box and packing.  Unused and in excellent condition.


Vintage Coronation Crystal Bowl

$ 45.00

Beautiful hand-cut lead crystal.  Made in Poland.

Vine leaf and grape design around perimeter.

Unused, in excellent condition with original box.

Height: 11.5 cm x Diameter: 20cm  


Crystal Bowl

$ 48.00

Stunning heavy crystal bowl. Scalloped rim with stalk and leaf design along sides.

This bowl is deeper than average at 16cm. It has a diameter of 23cm.

Unused and in excellent condition.  


Brass Model Plane

$ 24.00

Brass model of a sea plane.  Wings and propeller are of natural brass colour. 

The fuselage is painted black brass.  The propeller rotates.

In excellent condition.  L28cm x W28cm x H14cm.


Wooden Jewellery Box

$ 32.00

Beautiful solid wooden box with carved applied floral decoration.

The top lift-out tray is divided into six separated compartments. 

Lower layer is one large compartment.  Mirror on inside of lid. 

In excellent condition. W20cm x H13.5cm x D24cm.


Vintage Bedpan

$ 25.00

Standard enamelled metal bedpan made in Australia.

This item does not display any indication that it has been used but thoroughly

cleaned with ammonia and bleach.

Unconventional ornamental item with numerous uses.  In excellent condition.


Antique Urine Bottle

$ 24.00

Made of porcelain by Fowlers Limited Australia. 

Doesn’t show any signs of having been used but has been thoroughly cleaned with

ammonia and bleach (just to make certain).   Has some slight crazing.

Quirky garden ornament/planter or any other use one can think of!!!


Vintage Cabinet Plate

$ 28.00

Hand decorated Japanese cabinet plate. 

Signature/maker’s mark under.

In very good condition.  Measures 25cm.


Chinese Tea Pot

$ 18.00

Beautiful blue and white porcelain Chinese tea pot.

Hand decorated with Chinese figures and symbols. Makers mark under.

In excellent condition. Height: 17cm x Diameter: 14cm.  


Seven Point Stag

$ 190.00

Majestic bronzed metal stag on wooden plinth. 

Beautifully presented with its seven point antlers and proud stance.

This example is very heavy and stands on a wooden plinth.

In excellent condition.  Measures Width: 37cm x Height: 50cm.  


Large Hoya Platter

$ 20.00

Unusual and stunning iridescent glass with an intricate leaf pattern.

Has original label ‘Hoya Corporation’ ‘Made in Japan’ and stems from the 1950s.

In as new condition.  Measures 36cm diameter and 4cm deep.


Colclough Trio

$ 25.00

Made in the Longton Staffordshire Potteries England in the 1940s.

’Crinoline Lady’ gold chintz. Heavily decorated in gilt and vivid colours.

In excellent condition with no chips or cracks.


Camberwick Green Collection

$ 80.00

Ceramic  ‘Trumpton Town Hall Clock and Music Box’

made by Robert Harrup Designs, England.

A beautiful rare collectors’ piece as only 2000 were made and then discontinued.

This particular example is number 1927 of the limited edition.

Comes in its original box and is in ‘as new’ condition.

Wind-up clock and music box in working order.

Measures Height: 37cm x Width: 15cm x Depth: 10cm.  


Four Chinese Scenes

Four decorative scenes hand painted on silk screens.

The silk is stretched to cover narrow highlighted frame with a hook for hanging.

Each screen measures 39cm x 19cm and in ‘as new’ condition.


Miniature Acoustic Style Guitar

$ 18.00

Comes in original miniature guitar carry case and in very good condition. 

Guitar length is 24.5cm.  


Booze Company Bootleg Barrel

$ 54.00

Large pottery barrel complete with brass tap, cork bung and wooden stand. 

This item is a limited release.  It is a bit of a mystery but appears to have been made

for a special occasion in Stanford Merthyr, a mining town in NSW.

It appears to be very rare and it is difficult to find any detailed information. 

It is 28cm in length and approx 72cm circumference.

The exterior of the barrel has been treated with a mat glaze and the interior appears to be unglazed. It has been tested and is leak proof.


Large Door Stop

$ 65.00

Cast iron Indian girl finished in vibrant colours. 

This is a very rare and unusual door stop

It is in excellent condition and measures 36cm.


Cast Iron Mermaid

$ 54.00

Made with a flat back for use as a door stop but can also be used

as a garden sculpture or pond ornament.

It is 33cm tall and in excellent condition.


Pair small table lamps

$ 68.00 pair

Bases made of heavy metal alloy and the shades are glass.

The shades are hand decorated green and purple floral design

on a frosted look background.  Both are working and in excellent condition.

Height: 32cm and shade diameter is 15cm.


$ 58.00

Vintage item from the 1960s.  Has lovely patina consistent with age.

29cm long x 15cm tall.


Royal Doulton Jug

$ 48.00

A nice 1930’s piece of Royalty Queensware Series. 

Features a raised facsimile of Queen Elizabeth I.

Queensware was made in relatively few numbers and is a rarity sought after by collectors.

In excellent condition – no chips, cracks or crazing. Height: 16cm.


Vintage Cloisonné Vase

$ 65.00

Beautiful large Chinese cloisonné vase with familie rose motif on pale yellow/cream

background.  This vase has a slight dent on one side which is hardly noticeable

(see photograph). Otherwise in excellent condition. Height: 31cm.


Antique Oriental – Middle Eastern Coffee Pot

$ 48.00

Made of copper and brass and possibly silver spout and handle.

Intricately hand decorated with white metal (possibly silver) dragons

affixed to each side of the pot.

It has the original chain connecting the lid to the pot.

Made between 1800- 1849.  Not clear on the exact origins.

For decorative use only. 

Considering the age of this item – it is in excellent condition. Height: 31cm  


Retro Glass Bowl

$ 45.00

Glass bowl with chromium plated rim salad servers, bottles for oil and vinegar;

and salt and pepper shakers.  This item has not been used, is in excellent condition

and comes in original box.

It is Maywell Product and is made in England.

All silver coloured parts of this set are chromium plated.  


Cast Iron Horse and Jockey

$ 225.00

This magnificent statuette is beautifully detailed down to the hairs on the horse’s

coat. The cast iron horse, jockey and stand have been treated with a bronze look

finish. A stunning example. It is very heavy. and in excellent condition.

Measures Width: 43cm x Height: 41cm  


Rikaro Glass Birds

$ 100 pair or $55 each

Hand blown art glass birds by Rikaro.

These birds  have varying shades of blue and their backs include

copper filings giving it a golden appearance.

They stand on a clear glass base. In ‘as new’ condition. 42cm tall

$100 pair or $55 each  


Spelter Bust

$ 49.00

The bust is that of a young European girl (possibly a gypsy).

She is nicely presented down to her cheeky smile showing her perfect teeth.

The bust has been mounted on a home-made marble plinth. 

The bust itself is 28cm and the marble plinth measures 16cm.

the bust is in excellent condition and the plinth is obviously home made.


Tea Light Candle Holder

$ 12.00

Lovely ornamental metal candle holder.

Three green glass holders are perched in the metal frame.

This item is in ‘as new’ condition. Height: 41cm x Width: 28cm  


Candle Holder

$ 15.00

Unusual metal candle holder with 5 candle receptacles

decorated with metal pine cones.

The whole is made of metal and is in excellent condition.

Measures Height: 30cm x Width: 40cm.


Vintage Tea Pot

$ 10.00

Blue glazed teapot from the 1950s.

The port is blue with white relief work depicting a number of men engaged on some

type of ‘Widecombe Fair’ activity.  Made in Dartmouth, Devon, England. 

Has a very slight chip to underside of spout – invisible unless turned upside down,

Otherwise in excellent condition.


Italian Crystal Bowl

$ 30.00

Stunning design featuring frosted glass with clear floral motive

and scallop at upper and lower edge of the frosted feature.

It stands on a heavy raised base and is in excellent condition.

20cm diameter and 12cm height.


Retro ‘Simax’ Cups

$ 38.00 set of 6

Set of six glass cups in orange plastic holders from the 1970s.

The cups are ideal for both hot or cold tea/coffee.  Perfect for camping,

caravanning  and outdoor usage such as Bar-B-Qs or picnics. 

Glasses and holders are in ‘as new’ condition and come in their original box.


Hand Crafted Buddha

$ 15.00

Bisque figurine of Buddha seated on a bed of flowers and beads.

All supported by a round Oriental raised, four legged stand. 

This item is home-made and therefore unique.

In excellent condition.  Height: 26cm


Art Glass Vase

$ 30.00

Brilliant aqua coloured with clear glass applied spiral pattern on the outside.

In excellent condition.  Measures 31cm in height and 40cm circumference


Antique Hot water Bottle

$ 35.00

Tan coloured pottery hot water bottle.

Has makers stamp near base but is not clear and difficult to identify.

The bottle has a threaded screw-in stopper.

All in excellent condition. Total length 24cm.  


Antique Chinese Porcelain Lidded Urn

$ 68.00

This piece has the word ‘FOREIGN’ stamped in red on its base.

This is a mark for export to England during the early 20th century.

This urn is hand decorated and painted in vivid blue with floral highlights,

orange edging and gilt outlines and boarders.

It has 2 handles which appear to be Foo Dogs.

The lid has 3 openings (for incense sticks?) bordered in gilt and the figure of a

Foo Dog on the lid. It is supported by 3 legs.

This item is in excellent condition showing very little wear for its age.

Total height is 15cm.


Chinese Ceramic Tea set

$ 35.00

Pale green porcelain with delicate white swirling decoration and dark green rims.

This set includes: 16 pieces including a metal tea strainer/infuser.

Each piece is in excellent condition, has makers mark stamped on base and comes in its original box.


Spelter Statue

$ 25.00

Antique type finish spelter statue of a woman on a wooden plinth.

The plinth has a small plaque engraved with the word ‘Fileuse’ – meaning spinner of thread.

Made by Par A Rucho, France. The woman appears to be standing in front of a spinning wheel.

She is in excellent condition,   23cm.



$ 25.00

Vintage carved resin Oriental wishing well ashtray.

The well features carved detailed brickwork surrounded by stonework at its base.

A flautist is seated on a bench, leaning against the well, appearing to be playing his instrument.

Comes with original bucket and measures 23cm.  Is in very good condition.


Antique Lustre Jug

$ 10.00

Diamond moulded copper lustre jug – 19th century.

Hand decorated with green, white, pink and yellow floral design.

Allerton Longton England mark on base,  In very good condition. 20cm.  


Carved Resin Emperor

$ 45.00

Chinese statuette of the Yongle emperor Zhu Di. 

He reigned from 1402 -1425

Son of the Hingwu emperor founder of the Ming Dynasty. 

Intricately detailed carving and in excellent condition  15cm


Blue Wedgwood Jasper

$ 18.00

Miniature plate with white chariot scene on blue background. 

Comes with original box.

In excellent condition.  11cm.


Vintage Ceramic Vase

$ 15.00

Tall, square, Oriental vase.  Stunningly decorated with embossed tree
and cliff face sloping to a river featuring 2 figures fishing from an
Oriental boat. Possibly a traditional Japanese river boat as there appears
to be an image of Mount Fujiyama in the background. 
The embossed scene is coloured in black and browns with patches of pale blue/grey hues. 

It is in excellent condition and measures 30.5cm in height
and the base is 8cm square.


Porcelain Lidded Bowl

$ 15.00

Beautiful delicate marbled blue in colour with a floral motif on the lid.

The interior is a vivid glazed yellow.

The bowl and lid are both in ‘as new’ condition.

Height: 6cm  x  16cm diameter.  


Vintage Poole Pottery

$ 15.00 per trio (see below)

Hand painted grape design. Two trios available i.e cup, saucer and small plate.

Also an additional small plate and one small bowl – probably for sugar.

All pieces are of matching design although the sugar bowl appears to be of a later date.

   All in excellent condition.

$15 for each trio (2 available) $5 each for the additional small plate and the sugar bowl.  


Royal Worcester Egg Coddlers

$ 50.00 Pair

Vintage (1940s) Royal Worcester porcelain egg coddlers.

Mauve floral design on one side and pink on the other.

Unused and in original box including ‘Directions for use’.

In excellent condition.


Vintage Limoges (c1940)

$ 25.00 Set

Made in France. Five piece porcelain dressing table set. 

Comprises 2 x small lidded trinket boxes, 1 x larger lidded trinket box,

1 x ring tree and 1 x tray (25cm x 19cm). 

Tray base stamped with maker’s mark. Background colour is white

blending into yellow and decorated with a floral motive. Some of the

gilding has worn off the tray rim otherwise in excellent condition for its age.


Graduation Certificate Holder

$ 10.00

Pewter graduation certificate tube/scroll holder. 

Embossed with graduation themed decoration and cartouche for engraving. 

Comes with pewter centre stand.

In original box and in excellent condition (new).  


Marriage Certificate Holder and Photo Frame

$ 15.00 the set

Pewter marriage certificate tube/scroll shape holder and pewter photo frame. 

Both have cartouche for engraving.

The holder has embossed wedding design and a pewter stand for each end to display.

Comes with original box. In excellent condition (new).


CRDO Hand Made Bowls

$ 15.00 - $25.00

Set of three hand made porcelain and pewter bowls.

Made by CRDO Hong Kong. Stunningly crafted porcelain bowls set in

pewter outer bowls.  The porcelain features a green hand painted flora

style design finished in gilt outline and a beautiful glaze.

This is a 3 piece set with bowl

sizes being 10cm x 3cm deep, 14.5cm x 3.5cm deep and 20cm x 4cm.

$15 Small - $20 Medium - $25 Large   $55 for set of three.    


Lead Crystal Bowl

$ 25.00

High quality hand cut 24% lead crystal bowl.  Bears the original ’Violetta’

label and is made in Poland.  This bowl is diamond cut and has three

spiral shaped feet 3cms in height. The bowl is very heavy and measures

17.5cm diameter and 9cm in height.  In ‘as new’ condition.


Vintage Glass Candle Holder

$ 15.00

Ruby glass candle holder with clear glass base. Decorated with ten

hanging glass teardrops. Very minor ‘nibble’ at rim, otherwise in

excellent condition. 27cm  


Medieval Wall Plaques

$ 20.00 each

Hand made in England by Marcus Designs. Beautifully sculptured relief

medieval scenes. Antiqued and colour finish has been applied by hand.

Made of heavy plaster with a built- in hook. Measure 19cm diameter.

In excellent condition.