D an G Collectables


Westminster/Whittington Chiming Mantel clock

$ 50.00

This stylish slimline timber quartz mantel clock made by Belvedere will compliment any room.

It is in excellent condition. Has a timber case with a white clock face, black hands  and gold bezel.

Keeps accurate time and chimes on the hour.

Length: 43cm   Height: 16cm    Depth: 9cm


Antique Incense Burner

$ 48.00

Solid brass burner with 2 handles, 3 feet and Foo Dog Finial. 

Intricate decoration on exterior of bowl and Chinese marks under.

Late 19th century. 

Measures 3.5cm in height without lid, 7cm with lid and 6cm diameter.


Antique Lustre Jug

$ 18.00

Diamond moulded copper lustre jug – 19th century. 

Hand decorated with green, white, pink and yellow floral design.

Allerton Longton England mark on base,  In very good condition. 20cm.  


Vintage Jewellery Box

$ 25.00

Made of wood with metal claw feet and draw knobs.

Mirror on inside of lid and is lined with blue and white fabric.

Measures Height: 17.5cm x Width: 23cm x Depth: 12cm

In excellent condition


Antique (c1900) Chinese Opium Pipe

$ 95.00

Made of thick porcelain in the shape of a pear with metal bands running from the lid to a trim at base. Decorated with hand painted floral and bird design and Chinese written characters.

It has 3 small red stamps on the surface and one larger red stamp on the underside.  The lid has a small funnel and dipstick attached to a chain affixed to the handle – all metal.  It also has a chimney or flue on one side.

In excellent condition and measures Height: 13cm x 31cm circumference at the largest point. It is in excellent condition – no chips or cracks.


Antique (c1890) Chinese Opium Pipe

$ 120.00

Made of thick porcelain with Chinese written characters, a hand painted

tiger and two red stamps. The top of the pipe is metal with a handle, small

funnel, a dip stick attached to a chain and a small chimney or flue.

The base is also edged with metal. A red stamp embossed on underside.

In excellent condition for its age – no chips or cracks.

The pipe itself is 13cm in height and 17.5cm circumference.


Unusual Glass Clock

$ 20.00

The elegantly simple clock mechanism is set into an impressive half circle glass stand. The stand is heavy and has a greenish tinge.

The clock face is white with black hands, roman numerals and chrome bezel. It includes an alarm and is battery operated.

The small alarm setting knob on the back of clock has been replaced and is not original.

In excellent working order and condition. Measures W26cm x H16cm.


Quartz Mantel Clock

$ 30.00

This elegant slimline timber framed clock has a quartz movement and pendulum.

Features a bronze coloured face with gold bezel.

In excellent working order. Height: 30cm x Width: 24cm  


Vintage Brass Telescope

$ 30.00

This brass telescope is a 3 draw.

In very good condition.

Measures 14cm  and extends to 38cm  


Large Wall Clock with Weather Station

$ 20.00

Modern quartz wall clock with stainless steel face featuring clock,

thermometer and hygrometer.  All in good and accurate working order.

Has black numeral and hands with a stainless steel bezel. 

In excellent condition.  Diameter 35cm.  


Modern Wall Clock

$ 25.00

Brushed chrome face with highly polished hands, numerals and bezel.

Battery operated and in working order. A very elegant timepiece. 

In excellent condition. Diameter 27cm.  


Hand Made Prayer Wheel

$ 10.00

Attractive religious Tibetan prayer wheel.

Copper and brass wheel, decorated with a mantra,

with a spindle and wooden handle. 

In very good condition. Measures 31cm in length.  


Ship’s Compass

$ 25.00

Sold brass ship’s compass.

Diameter: 12cm.


Vintage Brass and Copper Telescope

$ 35.00

Three draw brass telescope stamped ‘Ross London’.

In very good condition.

Short length: 14cm.  Extended length: 39cm  


Hindu Goddess Figurine

$ 22.00

Not sure which goddess this is, possibly Parvati (fertility).

Her arms are intertwined with lotus flowers and one foot is resting on same.

Intricately detailed item made entirely of metal. 

She is in excellent condition and 22cm in height.


Vintage Cast Bronze Foo Dog Lion Dragon

$ 28.00

Beautifully stylised ancient Chinese mythical creature.

Nice attention to detail with antique style finish.

In excellent condition. Height: 13cm  x  Length: 13cm.


Vintage Brass Armillary Sphere (Astrology)

$ 25.00

Also known as a skeletal celestial sphere with a model of the sun in the centre. Paris Chez G Globille p Ache Royalle.

These spheres originated in Greece and were used as teaching tools, to a crude degree.  Interesting decorative conversation piece.  Made of brass, mounted on a round base with embossed signs of the zodiac and celestial degrees and measurements. 

Excellent condition. 14cm


Carved Resin Emperor

$ 45.00

Chinese statuette of the Yongle emperor Zhu Di. 

He reigned from 1402 -1425

Son of the Hingwu emperor founder of the Ming Dynasty. 

Intricately detailed carving and in excellent condition  15cm


Wedgwood Jasper Trinket Box

$ 25.00

Blue fluted trinket box with classical white scene on lid.

This piece is from 1983.  In excellent condition. 

Height: 3cm  x  Diameter: 8cm


Small Wedgwood Trinket Box

$ 22.00

Jade green fluted trinket box with the mythical Pegasus on the lid. 

In excellent condition.

Height: 2.5cm  x  Diameter: 6.5cm.


Blue Wedgwood Jasper

$ 18.00

Miniature plate with white chariot scene on blue background. 

Comes with original box.

In excellent condition.  11cm.


Wedgwood Jasper

$ 25.00

Miniature plate with pink waratah on white background.

This is a limited edition of 10,000 world wide.

Comes with original box and certificated of authentication. 

In excellent condition. 11cm


Seiko Slimline Retro Wall Clock

$ 55.00

Made by Seiko in the 1970’s

Black and gold face with gold trim.

Quartz movement (requires 1 x ‘AAA’ battery.

Height: 29cm  Width: 26cm   Depth: 3cm  


Vintage Porcelain Centrepiece

$ 48.00

Made by Amphora of Austria. 

Porcelain conch shell supported by three fishermen.

An interesting conversation piece from the renowned

Austrian porcelain manufacturer.  In excellent condition. 

Measures  Height: 23cm x Depth: 22cm approx.


Large Jewellery Box

$ 45.00

Red vinyl decorated with gilt accents on perimeter of lid. 

Three tiers with fabric lining.  Made by ‘Mele’ USA. 

Has a very minor scratch on lid (see photo), otherwise in excellent condition. 

Measures  32cm x 20cm.


English Mantel Clock

$ 220.00

Made by Enfield London England c1920

Has a Westminster chime on the hour and each quarter hour.

The timber case is in beautiful condition. Chrome coloured hands and bezel.

The movement is in excellent condition and has been recently serviced.

Keeps excellent time. Complete with key and original instruction sheet.

Height: 24cm   Width: 38cm  Depth: 15cm


Large Mythical Sleeping Dragon

$ 145.00

Made of poly/resin, hand painted and polished.

Intricate detail of scale work, claws, face and wings.

This item is silver/grey in colour with black undertones.

Measuring 49cm x 46cm, height is 20cm.  In ‘as new’ condition.


Shiva Hindu God

$ 48.00

Solid brass figurine of the Hindu god Shiva.

This four-armed deity is believed to be the God of destruction and creation.

This statue depicts Shiva standing on a small prone figure which is

thought to represents Satan.  In excellent condition.

Measures Height: 25cm x Width: 20cm.  


M & M Collectable Canister

$ 10.00

Hard to find original 2012 yellow ceramic M & M lidded canister. 

In excellent condition – no chips or cracks.

Canister height is 13cm and 18cm with lid.  


Porcelain Teapot

$ 25.00

Beautiful white vintage teapot decorated with applied pink roses on one

side and on the lid. Ornate handle and raised base. 

Holds 1 litre.  In ‘as new’ condition. Height: 18cm.    


Vintage Torquay Ware

$ 15.00

Small lidded canister, possibly sugar bowl.

Has the motto ‘ Soft words win hard hearts’ on one side and

image of a cottage on the other. This item is from the 1930s.

The Torquay pottery closed in early 1940s.

In excellent condition. Height 7.5cm.


Vintage Cast Iron Sedan

$ 48.00

A neat reproduction of a vintage cast iron car.

It has been hand painted and distressed to look original.

The car is mostly red in colour with silver accents. 

Very solid and the wheels, also cast iron, turn. 

In excellent condition. 14cm in length and 7.5cm in height.


Female Art Deco Figurine

$ 54.00

Resembles the Chiparus style and is made of resin.

Exquisitely crafted with particular detail to the figures costume.

Presented on a decorative resin stand.

In very good condition. 

Measures Height: 27cm  x  Width: 21cm  x  Depth: 9cm.


Antique/Vintage Bone Figurines

$ 140.00 pair

Hand carved bovine bone Asian emperor and empress statues on wooden
base. These pieces are interestingly carved and have a smooth finish.

The emperor is 29cm and empress is 30.5cm (including base).

Both in excellent condition.


Vintage Decanter Set

$ 25.00

Small decanter (25cm with stopper) and 6 matching liqueur/port/sherry/shot glasses.

Presented with silver plate tray.  In excellent condition.  


Tribal Bovine Bone Carving

$ 52.00

This beautiful work of art is incredibly refined and flawless!

These hollow, intricately carved Totem Poles, with such deep depressions,

details and delicacy are relatively rare! Most were not made with this

much detailing and are very simple. The exact meaning of the many

wonderful and intriguing symbols and decoration is unknown.

This piece is in pristine condition and measures 24.5cm.


Vintage Ceramic Vase

$ 15.00

Tall, square, Oriental vase.  Stunningly decorated with embossed tree
and cliff face sloping to a river featuring 2 figures fishing from an
Oriental boat. Possibly a traditional Japanese river boat as there appears
to be an image of Mount Fujiyama in the background. 
The embossed scene is coloured in black and browns with patches of pale blue/grey hues. 

It is in excellent condition and measures 30.5cm in height
and the base is 8cm square.


Porcelain Lidded Bowl

$ 15.00

Beautiful delicate marbled blue in colour with a floral motif on the lid.

The interior is a vivid glazed yellow.

The bowl and lid are both in ‘as new’ condition.

Height: 6cm  x  16cm diameter.  


Fukagawa Lidded Ginger Jar

$ 18.00

Deep blue and white hand decorated with a beautifully finished glaze. 

Purchased in 1975 in Japan (comes with original receipt).

In excellent condition. Height: 16cm and 20cm with lid.  


Bottle Stopper

$ 14.00

Mikasa clear crystal bottle stopper.

Has not been used and is in ‘as new’ condition. 

Comes in original box.


TimeCraft Carriage Clock

$ 40.00

Timber frame with brass handle.

This quartz clock plays a Westminster chime on the hour.

Requires 3 x “AA’ batteries.  In excellent condition.

Measures width: 15cm  x  Depth: 10cm  x  Height: 20cm  


Crystal Mantel Clock

$ 40.00

The crystal housing for this exquisite clock is made by Cristal d’Arque France.

The design is called ‘Sunburst’.

The quartz movement is by Staiger Germany.

It is in ‘as new’ condition.   

Measures width: 10cm  x  Height: 12cm.


Vintage Poole Pottery

$ 15.00 per set (see below)

Hand painted grape design. Two trios available i.e cup, saucer and small plate. 

Also an additional small plate and one small bowl – probably for sugar.

All pieces are of matching design although the sugar bowl appears to be of a later date.

All in excellent condition.

$15 for each trio (2 available)
$5 each for the additional small plate and the sugar bowl.  


Antique Horse and Cart

$ 55.00

Cast spelter of a horse pulling a two wheeled cart.

This object is well made and the cart wheels turn.

Shows significant patina and is in excellent condition considering its age.

Length: 28cm  x  Height: 14.5cm.


Vintage Myott Bowl

$ 18.00

Beautiful large Myott ‘The Hunter’ fruit bowl.  Made in England.
Hand engraved and coloured with a beautiful glaze finish.
Decorated with a typically English country scene featuring the hunter with his dog returning to his country cottage (or inn?)  where his wife and child are waiting to greet him.
Beautiful detail of surrounding scenery and foliage.
In excellent condition. H7cm x 23cm diameter.  


Glass Candle Holders

$ 15.00 Pair

Pair of elegant glass candle holders with gilt finish to top edge and rim of base. The base is decorated with frosted glass flowers.

Measures 14cm height and the large decagon base is 11.5cm diameter.


Royal Worcester Egg Coddlers

$ 60.00 Pair

Vintage (1940s) Royal Worcester porcelain egg coddlers.

Mauve floral design on one side and pink on the other.

Unused and in original box including ‘Directions for use’. 

In excellent condition.


Vintage Limoges (c1940)

$ 25.00 Set

Made in France. Five piece porcelain dressing table set. 

Comprises 2 x small lidded trinket boxes, 1 x larger lidded trinket box,

1 x ring tree and 1 x tray (25cm x 19cm). 

Tray base stamped with maker’s mark. Background colour is white

blending into yellow and decorated with a floral motive. Some of the

gilding has worn off the tray rim otherwise in excellent condition for its age.


Vintage Serving Platter

$ 25.00

Large Victoria Ware (England) ironstone serving platter.

Decorated with blue and white transfer Oriental scenes.

In excellent condition.  No chips, cracks or crazing.

Measures 44cm x 33.5cm.


Weimar Quartz Mantel Clock

$ 35.00

Made in East Germany c1960

Timber and metal case with gold coloured clock face and black Numerals

Quartz movement requires 1 x 'C' battery.

In very good condition.

Measures: width 12.5cm  x  depth 7.5cm  x  height 23cm


Kutani Lithophane Porcelain

$ 12.00

Clean white egg shell porcelain cup and saucer.  Decorated with gold image of a deity and gilt on outer edge of cup and saucer. The cup has a geisha lithophane in the base and the saucer bears the Kutani makers mark under.

In excellent condition. Saucer 10 cm and cup is 5 cm in height.


Early Kutani Jug

$ 10.00

Small hand painted milk jug.

Has makers mark under and is in excellent condition. Height: 7 cm.  


Kutani Lithophane Dragon Ware

$ 15.00 per set

Two sets of eggshell porcelain cup and saucer. Both feature a hand painted matching dragon design – one predominantly silver and the other predominantly gold.  Cups have geisha lithophane in the base and the saucers bear the Kutani makers mark under. 

All pieces in excellent condition. 
Saucers 10cm diameter and cups 5cm in height.  


Kutani Lithophane Set

$ 12.00

One set of eggshell porcelain matching cup and saucer.  Beautifully hand painted in silver leaf design. The cup has a geisha lithophane in the base and the saucer bear the Kutani makers mark under.

In excellent condition. Saucer 10cm diameter and cup 5cm height.  


Egyptian Scent Bottles

$ 5.00 - $8.00

Collection of nine scent bottles with original stoppers and daubers. 

They are hand blown to achieve a delicate glass finish and then hand painted. 


7 x 7cm bottles @ $5.00 each

1 x 13cm bottle $8

1 x 15cm bottle $8


Vintage Large Round Clock

$ 35.00

Satin chrome finish bezel, hands and Roman numerals,

with gun metal grey face. 

The full size is 46cm and the clock face itself is 32cm. 

In very good condition and keeps accurate time.

The quartz mechanism requires 1xAA battery.


Royal Doulton Character Jug

$ 45.00

Large John Peel vintage character jug. 

Royal Doulton makers mark to base (approx 1932 – 1955). 

Has a chip to hat brim (see photo) otherwise in excellent condition.

Height: 16cm.  


Amber Glass Bowls

$ 18.00 each

Vintage amber depression  glass  bowl. 

One with scalloped rim and star design to base.

The other with pleated style rim and floral image to base.

Both  measure 19cm diameter and approx 8cm deep. 

Both in excellent condition – not chips or cracks.


Table Lamp

$ 65.00

Lalique style white resin table lamp on moulded resin base.

Decorated with four cherubs.

The lamp itself is made of frosted resin and the cherubs are clear resin.

A stunning lamp whose appearance can be changed by using coloured

light globe (not included) to suit any mood.

Measures  H31cm x 22cm diameter.


Oval Crystal Bowl (matches round bowl Item 526)

$ 60.00

Italian lead crystal bowl featuring two gilded impressed dragons on each side. Ornate design on rim and starburst pattern on raised base.  In perfect condition.

Measuring  30.5cm  x  17.5 cm and height of  11cm.


Round Crystal Bowl (matches oval bowl item 527)

$ 45.00

Beautiful Italian made lead crystal bowl featuring gilded impressed dragons.  Ornate design on rim and starburst pattern on raised base.  This bowl is in perfect condition.

It measures Height: 12cm  x  Depth: 22cm.  


Reproduction Cast Iron Sign

$ 32.00


Measures 25.5cm x 15.5cm. In excellent condition.  


Vintage Figurine

$ 35.00

‘The Peggy Collection’ boy and girl on swing figurine. The swing hangs from a tree branch which is adorned with doves and sprouting foliage.

This figurine is made of porcelain, decorated in fine detail and mounted on a wooden base. It is in excellent condition and measures 37cm x 23cm.


Miniature Drum Kits

$ 20-$25

Complete miniature drum kits.  Each piece is handmade and has the look of a real instrument but at a fraction of the size. 

Both are in new condition and come in original box.

Includes: Bass Drum, Snare Drums, Cymbals, Stool and Drumsticks

$20 Elvis Presley Drum Kit

$25 Rolling Stone Drum Kit


Collection of Small Crystal Pieces

$ 1.00 to $5.00

A large collection of a variety of small crystal pieces. 

Includes: small pots with lid & spoon, small bowls, pin dishes, vase, shoe, scent bottle etc.

Each piece is in excellent condition – no chips or cracks.

Prices range from $1.00  to $5.00


Vintage Alarm Clock

$ 25.00

Heavy glass wind-up bedside alarm clock.

Unicorn brand made in Germany.

Has white face with a  silver metal bezel.

In excellent condition.  Measures Height: 11cm x Width: 16cm.  


Graduation Certificate Holder

$ 10.00

Pewter graduation certificate tube/scroll holder. 

Embossed with graduation themed decoration and cartouche for engraving. 

Comes with pewter centre stand.

In original box and in excellent condition (new).  


Birth Certificate Holder

$ 10.00

Pewter birth certificate tube/scroll shape holder.

Has embossed baby design and cartouche for engraving.

Comes with a pewter stand for each end. In original box. 

In excellent condition (new)


Marriage Certificate Holder and Photo Frame

$ 15.00 the set

Pewter marriage certificate tube/scroll shape holder and pewter photo frame. 

Both have cartouche for engraving.

The holder has embossed wedding design and a pewter stand for each end to display.

Comes with original box. In excellent condition (new).


Retro Ice Bucket

$ 10.00

‘New Touch’ Standard Ware vibrant aqua coloured plastic ice bucket

with white plastic interior insulation lining.

In ‘as new’ condition. Height: 20cm x 14.5cm diameter.  


Retro Harlequin Glasses

$ 40.00 set of 5

Set of five beautiful 1960's harlequin wine glasses with twist stem.

Five different colours – all in excellent condition.  No chips or cracks.


Vintage Royal Winton Tankard

$ 10.00

Stoneware tankard decorated with sailing ship design

and gilt edging on rim and handle.  Made between 1965 and 1990.

In very good condition. Hieght: 12.5cm.


Folding Book Style Clock

$ 25.00

Free standing, folding mantel clock.

High gloss black finish and stunningly decorated with a predominantly blue floral design.

Quartz movement requires one AA battery.

In excellent condition.  Measures 23cm folded and 47cm fully open.


Jonathon Knowles wall clock

$ 25.00

The dial is beautifully decorated featuring a ‘Red Backed Wren’ on a floral branch.

This is part of the My Country – Australia series.

Quartz movement requires 1 x ‘AA’ battery.  In excellent condition.


Willow Pattern Egg Cups

$ 15.00 set of 4

Set of four matching egg cups. 

Unbranded with ‘England’ embossed under base. 

All in excellent condition


Churchill Willow Pattern Bowl

$ 10.00

Serving bowl, made in England.

In excellent condition – no chips or cracks.  22.5cm x 5cm deep.  


Decorative Vintage Bed Warmer

$ 25.00

Copper pan with wooden handle and brass fittings.

Pan features a ‘Stag’ motif in the centre and brass ring at end of handle

For display purposes. 73cm.  


CRDO Hand Made Bowls

$ 15.00 - $25.00

Set of three hand made porcelain and pewter bowls.

Made by CRDO Hong Kong. Stunningly crafted porcelain bowls set in

pewter outer bowls.  The porcelain features a green hand painted flora

style design finished in gilt outline and a beautiful glaze.

This is a 3 piece set with bowl

sizes being 10cm x 3cm deep, 14.5cm x 3.5cm deep and 20cm x 4cm.

$15 Small - $20 Medium - $25 Large   $55 for set of three.    


Decorative Oriental Plate

$ 20.00

A intricately decorated large and heavy Oriental plate featuring

Japanese geisha scene and ornately designed border.

Figures and flora with gilt outline.. Heavily gilded on border of plate.

In very good condition. 30.5cm


Lidded Crystal Bowl

$ 15.00

Fine clear crystal bowl, with lid, featuring embossed matt decoration to

lower part of bowl.  In excellent condition.

Diameter 18cm x 9cm height of bowl, 19cm full height with lid.


Lead Crystal Bowl

$ 25.00

High quality hand cut 24% lead crystal bowl.  Bears the original ’Violetta’

label and is made in Poland.  This bowl is diamond cut and has three

spiral shaped feet 3cms in height. The bowl is very heavy and measures

17.5cm diameter and 9cm in height.  In ‘as new’ condition.


Vintage Glass Candle Holder

$ 15.00

Ruby glass candle holder with clear glass base. Decorated with ten

hanging glass teardrops. Very minor ‘nibble’ at rim, otherwise in

excellent condition. 27cm  


Rosewood Figurine

$ 35.00

This hand carved figure highlights the beautiful grain and colour of

rosewood and pays particular attention to the figures costume and

intricate headdress. Beautifully carved and presented. 54cm


Medieval Wall Plaques

$ 28.00 ea or $50 pair

Hand made in England by Marcus Designs. Beautifully sculptured relief

medieval scenes. Antiqued and colour finish has been applied by hand.

Made of heavy plaster with a built- in hook. Measure 19cm diameter.

In excellent condition.  


Ruby Flash Crystal Bowl

$ 40.00

This beautiful, heavy, lead crystal bowl is oval shaped

with saw tooth rim.  It is decorated with ribbon like ruby flash

and diamond cut crystal design.

In excellent condition and measures 31cm x 16cm and 11.5cm deep.  


Oriental Canister/Ginger Jar

$ 10.00

Ornately decorated porcelain ginger jar with lid.

Feature geisha scene design on two sides and intricate floral design on

the other two sides.  Heavily accentuated in gilt outline and borders.

In excellent condition and measuring 20cm.


Vintage Goblets

$ 30.00 set of 6

Set of 6 etched brass and enamel goblets.

Abstract colourful floral design on cups and etchings on stems.

In very good condition – 16cm.


Vintage Green Vase

$ 12.00

Finished in the celadon glaze style and colour.

A pierced floral design with an interior liner. 

Subtly stunning piece of porcelain. Has never been used

and comes in original box. Height 22cm


Polished Metal Car

$ 25.00

Made of light weight metal.  Made in the vintage style with a box on

the back for luggage and spare tyre. All four wheels turn.

In very good condition . 33cm  


Amina – ‘She is Trustworthy’ Figurine

$ 20.00

Amina was a Hausa warrior queen of the present day city of Zaria in

Kaduna State in what is now in the north-west region of Nigeria.

She ruled in the mid-sixteenth century and died in 1610.

This figurine is made of resin with finely textured robe and adornments.

She is carrying what appears to be a gourd of some form.

She is quite heavy and measures 25cm.

In excellent condition.


African Figurines

$ 20.00

Light weight textured timber look resin. 

Elongated African man and woman. Featuring hand painted robes and

adornments with metal bangles and earrings.

Beautifully presented and detailed. 39cm


Vintage Ruby Glass

$ 30.00 set of 6

Set of 6 Ruby glass Luminarc France parfait glasses.

Beautiful ruby red glass with clear glass stems.

8cm in height and in perfect condition.  


Collection of Victoria Ware

$ 5.00 - $10.00

Made in Czechoslovakia.  Six pieces of porcelain ware each with mark

under and bearing a design number. Decorated with figures from the 19th

century, floral designs and gilt edging.  All in excellent condition.

2 x trinket boxes with lid 10cm x 7cm x 3.5cm deep - $5 each

1 trinket box with lid 10cm x 7cm x 6.5cm deep - $8

2 matching candle holders 14cm - $10 pair

1 hair receiver - $8

1 sugar caster/shaker 14cm - $5  


Rikaro Glass Animals

$ 8.00 - $10.00

Hand blown Rikaro designed miniature glass animals in original boxes.

All in new condition. Measuring approx 6cm to 8cm.

Owl ............ $10

Penguin ..... $10

Rooster ...... $10

Fish ............ $10

Butterfly...... $8


Popeye on Motorcycle

$ 55.00

Vintage reproduction Popeye on Harley Davidson Patrol motorcycle.

Cast iron, painted antique style finish.21cm x 15cm


Vintage Casey Ware Vase

$ 10.00

Australian pottery from the 1930s. Beautiful pink glaze scalloped vase.

Mark under and the number 81/1.  In very good condition. 16cm.  


Glass Vases

$ 22.00 each

Clear glass twist vases graduating to shades of aqua at the top.

Top rim is in the ‘handkerchief’ shape.

Very heavy and measuring 28cm and 34cm.

In excellent condition.


Metal Bookends

$ 28.00 pair

These novelty bookends are made of metal and feature the Titanic.

In excellent condition and measure 25cm x 17 cm each.  


Vintage Dolphin

$ 15.00

Made by Poole Pottery England.

This figurine is finished in a grey and black glaze.

In excellent condition. 17cm x 11cm



$ 15.00

Made of white metal. This candelabra has 3 branches and

decorative centre stands with handle.

Good weight with felt under base.

In very good condition.  Height: 25cm.  

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